- About Me -

Having graduated from USC with a BA in Interactive Media & Game Design in December 2014, I hope to create great things using my unique skill set. At heart I am a world builder, and have a deep interest in level design for games. To me, levels and environments are one of the most efficient tools for furthering interactive narrative, and I hope to express the power of this idea in as many projects as possible.

- What I've Done -

Currently I’ve had a hand in many different kinds of projects. From games, to art, and even to short films and editing. While I have all these skill sets I wish to evolve, my continued focus will always be in the creation of games. Throughout my life I have created dozens of projects, from small personal things that were never made public, to much bigger projects for a wide audience.

- What I Want To Do -

I just want to make more and more creations. I want to tell stories through the worlds I take part in creating. I want to hone the skills I have and learn as many new things as I can along the way. And most importantly, I want to make things that meet my personal par of quality!

- Find me -

Interactive Design Resume
Graphics Resume

Thank you for considering me!

The Maestros

A fast-paced RTS where you don't build bases, but transform your armies on the fly!

The Maestros Levels

A more personal overview on what I have done working on The Maestros as the Lead Level Designer.

Toward the Stars

A cooperative sci-fi FPS where players work together to deal with crises on a space mission.


A 2D puzzle platforming game where you command a strange animal to help you progress through the world.

Small Games

A series of samples detailing smaller game projects I have done.

Nessie Sim

A teaser description of a project I am currently working on.

Board Games

Samples showing some of my game work beyond the digital realm.

Games Demo Reel

The link to my current video demo reel!

Non-Game Specific Works

Art & Animation

A showcase of some of the vector art and animation I've worked on over the years.

Graphic Design

A small graphic design showcase.


My works in layout and visuals.


A few short visual works not related to gaming.

The Maestros

Summer 2013 - Current

About -

The Maestros is an online multiplayer Real Time Strategy (RTS) game set in a humorous fantasy world, where you control a commander and his squadron of minions. Using one of two races, players team up and fight for victory!

You begin with your commander unit and a few starting minions. By killing neutral enemies throughout the map, you will gain more of these starting units. By using Transform Points, players can turn these initial, weaker units, into more powerful and unique ones. Teaming up with their allies, players must take down enemy commanders to win.

The Project -

The Maestros began as a year-long project at USC as a joint effort between its two games divisions. At our peak, the team had 45+ dedicated members from a variety of disciplines. Many of us having graduated and moved on, the team now consists of less than ten members, but production is still going strong.

The Goal -

The Maestros was designed with the purpose of creating a game that satisfied players of both the MOBA and RTS genres, while reducing down time and creating a more constant stream of action. Depending on the map, team size, and players themselves, games can last from 2:00 - 20:00 minutes. We wanted to make something that would still be accessible to new players, without alienating experienced ones.

What to Learn More?

Check out our website at maestrosgame.com
See us on Tumblr!
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To learn about my specific role, check out the other Maestros section on my works page!

The Maestros Levels

Summer 2013 - Current

About -

This section outlines my specific role on the project, The Maestros. See the other section to learn about the game itself.

Having been on the project since the very beginning, I have been fortunate enough to experience and take part in many elements of the game’s design process. While my official title is Lead Level Designer, I also have taken part in unit creation, balancing, and many other miscellaneous tasks.

Click on any of the icons on the right to see a variety of screenshots from each of these maps I have created.

My Role -

At the foundation of it all, I was, and have been in charge of making our games maps. This included learning the best way to implement a Real Time Strategy (RTS) game into Unreal Engine 3, and teaching other designers and engineers how the engine works.

Design Philosophies -

The Maestros provided an interesting challenge in level design, as while there are plenty of other RTS games to study, the “Arena RTS” is a rare and dying genre. While I looked at classic Warcraft III custom maps, as well as some Starcraft II ones, most of my design goals were self developed from what I know about level design, and would heavily drive how the game is played. Each map I made would have a unique set of design goals that would both offer a unique and fun play experience, as well as differentiate it from other maps.

What to Learn More?

Each map featured here is the result of many months of effort, balancing, and collaborating with artists. For further insight on my design process, see these links:
Devlog I wrote on maestros level design
Full design document for Sacred Arena with intro

Toward the Stars

Summer 2014 - Winter 2014

About -

Toward the Stars is a co-operative first person action game, where players must work together to deal with all the problems that could go wrong on a space voyage. While each mission has an end goal, it is up to players to make certain decisions that may result in more, or less crises. While first person, the game has a very minimal emphasis on guns, and instead focuses on other tools you find aboard your ship.

The Project -

This game began as a year long project at USC, and part of the same program that brought The Maestros to life. I joined the team early in pre-production, and stayed until I graduated in December, with production ending that following June. I also took the role of the Lead Level Designer.

The Goal -

This project was meant to test player’s ability to work together and survive their mission. Success is very unlikely if players don’t collaborate, and hence was an attempt at imagining a simple recreation of what these events could look like in reality. Creating such a large environment for a total of 4 players max was a huge challenge, and took many attempts and iterations to get the ship feeling just right.

What to Learn More?

Unfortunately, the online presence of this game is limited, but you can find a trailer here!


Spring 2014

About -

Gearbound is a puzzle-platforming game where players must navigate a mysterious fortress with the help of mechanical dog creature. The player can move and jump around as you would expect, but can also issue orders to his pet, such as going to trigger a lever or button, jumping up onto a high ledge, or digging for treasure. The pet had a partially hidden “status” system, that would cause him to get tired if overworked, etc.

The Project -

This was overall a smaller project, and consisted of just myself and another developer, as well a composer who provided the music. However hundreds of hours were put into it over it's brief production time. My role was more focused on designing the layout of the game, and implementing everything. This also included some programming, but the bulk of it, the pet’s AI, was done by my partner, James Lin. I also did all the art and animation you are seeing in the screenshots.

The Goal -

Production was interesting, as James and I had never met, and due to the intensity of the project, needed to hit the ground running. We wanted to make a game that involved the player having a pet, and things evolved from there. While we finished the project, it was an excellent learning experience, especially in categories such as scale (in other words, we had too much content).

What to Learn More?

If you are interested in watching the cinematic trailer that I created, click here.

Small Games

2013 - Current

About -

I’ve made a large amount of smaller titles in my life, and this page will highlight a few of them. Many of these and more are featured in my video demo reel.

Darveil -

A unity-based project with the goal of creating the foundation of a game that is fully based around light. Players can create a bit of light with their attack, and naturally glow depending on how many power-ups they have collected. Enemies also glow at certain points in their behavior loop. The world is otherwise pitch black, and players need to reach the end of each screen.

Hackerface -

A 1v1 action-platformer utilizing Google Cardboard and Android phones. Using an augmented reality camera, the players would just see what their phone sees. The two of them would play a game on a PC, and “hack” each others vision with pop-ups, ads, etc. With vision often limited, players needed to try and stay alive.

"Llama Game"

A game where you play as an agent of the Vatican (who happens to be a llama) sent on a secret mission to rid a grocery store of ghosts and uncover the secrets of the chasms below. Doesn’t get anymore strange than that. More of an exercise in level design than anything, and utilizes a Resident Evil-inspired camera setup. Made with two other developers.

Nessie Sim


About -

Ever wonder what the Loch Ness Monster has been doing with all her time since the very first sighting way back in 565? Perhaps this game may enlighten you. An introspective and personal story from the point of view of the monster of Loch Ness.

The Project -

This is something that I have been working on slowly, on and off between other happenings in life. I feel strongly about it, but do not wish to give away much more than what I have already stated. It is being developed in Unity, with a target platform of iOS and Android.

Board Games


About -

Throughout my game making career, I have also had the opportunity work on some board / tabletop games. These are two of my most noteworthy.

Tower of Ra -

Inspired by classic games like Connect-Four, and checkers, players take turns placing pieces on a 3D pillar with the goal of matching 4 or 5 pieces in a row. However, with each turn, players can play a card to alter the tower in some way, such as rotating different levels 90, or 180 degrees.

The Traitor -

Stranded alone in the woods, players must gather various resources to bring back to the stockpile within the given time limit. However, one player is a traitor; poisoning the stock pile and hoping to steal the resources for him or herself. Players must watch each others movements and try to figure out who is friend, and who is foe.

Demo Reel


About -

Sizzle reel containing footage from various projects I've worked on, some of which are featured on this site, some of which are not.

NOTE: The video will continue playing if you leave this page, so either pause or finish it beforehand!

2015 Demo Reel from ADB on Vimeo.



About -

Even prior to my time at both the University of Oregon, and then the University of Southern California, I had been making films as a hobby. While many of them were 2D animations made in flash, here are some samples of non-digital films made in more recent years.

Asteroid Field (Short Comp) -

As I learned the Houdini FX software at Days End Productions, I made a number of small compositions, but this was my “final project”. Every element onscreen was created using procedural generation through Houdini’s visual programming language.

Eternal Return -

A personal favorite of mine. A short film following the path of an enchanted pendant throughout a Norse-inspired world. Heavy emphasis on sound design.

Cat Blob -

An experiment in stop motion animation. Broken up into three sequences, I wanted to try something new with each. The first one is self-explanatory, the second one explores animation on a single piece of paper, while the final section looks at a non-traditional approach to digital animation.

NOTE: Videos will continue playing if you leave this page, so either pause or finish them beforehand!

Asteroid Field from ADB on Vimeo.

Eternal Return from ADB on Vimeo.

Cat Blob from ADB on Vimeo.

Art & Animation

Summer 2013 - Current

About -

While I made art and animated it for many of my interactive projects, it was never something I was formally trained in. However I do enjoy the process nonetheless. Having this skill has proved invaluable for small projects, and making higher quality temp art for other works.

Shown here are a few snippits of art and animation I have made for various projects, or just as practice on my own.

I don't update this page too much, but it's always a work in progress, as I do not get to draw freely as much these days.

Graphic Design Samples

Spring 2009 - Winter 2014

About -

While my specialty is interactive entertainment, graphic design is at my roots. I began studying it in high school, and continued into my first two years of university. Since then I have still had opportunities to make graphics, logos, and more, for various projects I’ve worked on.

Redsmith -

One of my earlier graphic design works, but something I’ve always been satisfied with. A full 12-page catalog for a steampunk-inspired weapons company. Created from scratch using Adobe software.

Torukia -

A visual exploration inspired by the lyrics of a song by the same name.

Vitamin Whatever

A parody project of the VitaminWater beverage. Full label was recreated from scratch, and printed.

Logo Samples

I’ve made a variety of graphics and logos both during my time at University, as well as during internships. Here are a few more recent ones.

Layout Samples

Winter 2010 - Spring 2014

About -

I thoroughly enjoy making layouts for presentations, website, etc, but it is something I don’t get as many opportunities to do as I would like. These are some samples of things I have done. And to note, this website you are viewing is one I programmed and designed from scratch.

Jaya -

A mock pitch presentation for the forming of a new gaming studio and first project. Was pitched to over 150+ people, many of whom were a part of the game industry. We had a team of four, but this presentation (including nearly all the graphics) were designed by myself, with critique from my teammates.

Transistor Narrative -

A longer presentation made for a class on the narrative and progression of Supergiant games’ title, Transistor. All art taken from the game, but many pieces were manipulated in Photoshop to fit the presentation.

History of the Mouse

A small excerpt from a document detailing the history of the physical design of computer mice. All original graphics.